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Issue 1

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sit with me under quaking palms    |   David Colodney 

Non-monopoly    |   Sarah Goldstein

a mother’s teachings   |   Sukhvir Kaur

Last Stop. Silence   |   Dilys Wyndham Thomas

The megrim of migraine (Isabella)   |   Lisa Delan



The Runaway   |   Deron Eckert

Open for 
Issue #2

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Elevating outstanding literary fiction

And poetry, in all their forms—short fiction, flash, micro, mixed media, traditional styles, sonnets, free-verse, ghazals, experimentalist, absurdist, surrealist pieces, and drizzles of magical realism.


Excellent, original narrative. Imbued with gut-wrenching emotional impact, soft and heavy conflicts, and plots that alter the world like a child stepping into a treehouse and deciding it's a spaceship.

We're not picky, but rather excited to read moving pieces from new and established authors, and to share those pieces with other story-lovers who want to read the same.

Our Offerings
to Writers

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digital publication.

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social media support.

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pushcart/best of net noms

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eternal love for your work.

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summer | winter

Our Offerings
to Readers

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Forest Trees

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