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We are a place that is meant to remind you of your home away from home: your treehouse. Show us your coming of age narratives or your family dramas. Send us poetry about your unique experiences, your slices of life and the feelings that you keep inside. Mostly, show us anything and all things literary.

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Prose Guidelines:

-Times New Roman font, 12 pt. sized

-Double Spaced

-Title on first page

-Page numbers included

-Only one story per submission

-20 Pages Maximum

Poetry Guidelines:

-3 poems maximum

-Other than that, fair game!

-We Pay $0.01 per word for fiction and $15 per poem

-All poetry and fiction published digitally will be compiled into print issues twice a year. The first is set to be released in Winter 2022

-No identifying features within any document

-No previously published work

-Simultaneous submissions allowed

If you have any dark, strange, divisive, bold, or otherwise  unpublishable  writing, consider submitting to our sister site Last Resort. 
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