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sit with me under quaking palms

David Colodney 

because there aren’t trees

like this anywhere else

stars in each direction

shake & shimmer


sit with me

in this grass we drank

pinot noir & watched

our sons grow


though this yard

feels smaller    shrinks

like a t-shirt on a clothesline

breathes           oleander in the breeze


what do you think

when our kisses hiss

like white noise

& each blade


sharpens like glass

words in each frond

flap like a playing card

rattling in the spokes


of one of our kids’

rusting bicycles

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David Colodney realized at an early age that he had no athletic ability whatsoever, so he turned his attention to writing about sports instead of attempting to play them, covering everything from high school flag football to major league baseball for The Miami Herald and The Tampa Tribune. David is the author of the 2020 chapbook, Mimeograph, and holds an MFA from Converse University. A two-time Pushcart nominee, David’s poetry has or will appear in multiple journals. He serves as an associate editor of South Florida Poetry Journal and lives in Boynton Beach, Florida with his wife, three sons, and golden retriever.

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